Alexia Obar: Involved, In Touch and in it for the Long Haul!

Alexia Obar School Committee

Caring and Involved:

My name is Alexia Obar and I am running for School Committee. I have been an active volunteer with the Wayland Public Schools since 2004 when my oldest child entered Kindergarten. My involvement spans a wide range of activities; town-wide volunteer for the Elementary and Middle School Cultural Enrichment Committee, PTO leader and member of Superintendent Dr. Stein’s Elementary Building Use Task Force, which recommended returning to K-5 neighborhood schools.

My extensive involvement with the schools currently as a class room volunteer, PTO leader and parent of children at the elementary, middle school, and high school level afford me a comprehensive view of the Wayland Public School system.

I honed my skills in the State Legislature as Chief of Staff where I coordinated statewide coalitions to pass legislation and gained extensive experience with state budgets. The process and data analysis on which I worked extensively, provided me the experience needed to work on our evolving and complex school budget.

Stays in touch as a team player does:

Communication is the cornerstone of a strong school system. Good communication reveals conflicting viewpoints and encourages problem solving through compromise. As a former Legislative Director I have a keen interest in listening to other people’s divergent viewpoints and being a thoughtful problem solver.

I believe communication is crucial to maintaining and cultivating a prized school system. As MS PTO President, I introduced the highly popular "Middle and More Coffees" to facilitate conversations between parents, teachers and administrators about various topics at the Middle School. It is time to reenergize and reunite the various groups in our community in their shared goal to support a strong and fiscally responsible school system, by working together to find efficiencies.

As a member of the School Committee I would be receptive and proactive in responding to the needs of our students, parents, teachers, and the community at large. We need to rebuild trust through communication. I would encourage the entire committee to enter into dialogue with staff, administration, and the public regarding all aspects of our schools including educational, business, and administrative matters.

Long Term Oriented:

With Children in all 3 levels of our school districts, I have a lot invested in this system and thus have a critical long term view. I am dedicated to the success of students at every level.

I plan to use my skills and experience to help bring the invaluable resources in our community together through the development of more task force initiatives. This town is chock full of great intellect and skillful people who are willing to donate their time for the betterment of our children. An example of this was a task force I was fortunate to be a part of that studied the reconfiguration of the elementary schools. Together we will develop thoughtful proactive plans and eliminate reactive decision making. Through strong leadership and the use of sub-committees to gather data and present solutions to issues facing our district we can continue to make Wayland schools a leading district.